Heritage Village Exhibits 2018

 October-April: Exhibit price included when you purchase an "outside-only self-guided tour" of the Village

Wednesday-Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
$3 adults, $1 children 5-11, Children under 5 and museum members free
(includes exhibits!)

Coming just to see the exhibits in Hayner House?

If you don't plan to stroll through the village, the "exhibit only" price is $2 for adults, $1 for children 5-11, with children under 5 and museum members free.

We are open for guided tours that go inside the buildings from May 1st through September. (Exhibits are included in those prices, too!  See our Home page for details.)

Open Jan.15 through February 28, 2018

$3 adults, $1 children 5-11 and members, Children under 4 and museum members free




Open now through December 1, 2017

A partnership between Heritage Village Museum and students at Xavier University allows visitors to explore the history of Ohio’s first residents. “Exiled: Ohio’s Indian Removal” explores the Trail of Tears in Ohio. 

A well-known part of American history, Indian Removal evokes memories of Cherokees and other tribes from places like Georgia and Alabama. In truth, tribes from all over the nation, not just the South, were “removed.” Ohio was no exception.  Exiled will focus on the legal, organized, and sometimes violent removal of Ohio’s native people. Through the display of treaties and objects from the 1790’s through the 1840’s, the exhibit recalls the life, culture, and exile of the Shawnee and Wyandot nations. It explores the arguments, among both Native people and white settlers, over whether they could possibly live as neighbors.

The exhibit is a collaborative project planned and executed by undergraduate and graduate students at Xavier University with the assistance of Prof. Jamie Albert of the Art & Visual Communication Department at UC Blue Ash College. It is supported by the Sutphin Family Foundation and Xavier University Mission Animators’ Immigration/Migration initiative.  The exhibit will run through December 1, 2017, and can be seen during Heritage Village Museum’s regular hours and events.