Heritage Village Exhibits 2017

 October-April: Exhibit price included when you purchase an "outside-only self-guided tour" of the Village

Wednesday-Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
$3 adults, $1 children 5-11, Children under 5 and museum members free
(includes exhibits!)

Coming just to see the exhibits in Hayner House?

If you don't plan to stroll through the village, the "exhibit only" price is $2 for adults, $1 for children 5-11, with children under 5 and museum members free.

We'll open for guided tours that go inside the buildings on May 1st. (Exhibits are included in those prices, too!)

Heritage Village Museum is presenting a First Ladies of Fashion Exhibit that shows replicas of seven gowns worn by former first ladies. The complete collection of 23 gowns was originally commissioned in 1971, and was completed in just three months. The gowns on display at Heritage Village are part of the 14 of them that now belong to the Frankenmuth Historical Association.
The seven gowns currently in the exhibit were chosen to show not only the progression of fashion, but to also showcase the history and achievements of each woman. The exhibit can be viewed now through July 30, 2017.
Some of the first ladies whose gowns are being shown are Martha Washington and Dolley Madison. Both women were known for hosting parties that would set a social standard for years to come. Helen Taft, a native of Cincinnati, also has a gown in the exhibit. She is well known for the creation of the West Potomac National Park in Washington, D.C.

Heritage Village Museum is presenting a collection of original posters and artifacts on loan from the Tippecanoe County Historical Association. During the first world war, posters played an integral role in the eventual success America saw. The posters that could be found all across the country worked to not only encourage citizens to purchase bonds and enroll for service, they also served as a means of communication. During this time in history, radio and television had yet to be developed, and only a small portion of the population read newspapers. The exhibit can be viewed now through April 28th.

One of the posters featured is a piece illustrated by Walter Whitehead. The poster, titled, “Come on and Buy More Liberty Bonds,” shows an American soldier standing over the fallen body of a German solider. This poster—along with one other in the exhibit—was originally printed by the Strobridge Lithographing Company here in Cincinnati. The exhibit will also feature a number of artifacts from WWI including a gas mask, surgical kit, and trench knife.