Chester Train Station

In southwestern Ohio, early settlements along the Ohio River and its branches used the river to transport goods, but other settlements further inland had no way to get their extra produce to market. A system of canals in Ohio was then constructed to answer this need. However, before the last of the canals were completed, the railroad was firmly established.

Trains not only became the primary means of carrying goods to inland markets but also a better mode of transportation. Villagers used the trains to travel from town to town, to take pleasure excursions and to commute from the suburbs to the city.

In 1875, across the road from where the station was located, a racetrack called Chester Park was built. The small station quickly became inadequate to handle the crowds of customers who came out from the city to this new park. In 1879, to capitalize on the new trade, and to accommodate the increased business, the station was enlarged and renamed Chester Park. This is the structure that is now in Heritage Village Museum.