Gatch Barn

Every kid growing up should have a barn. Guests may walk in and see farm equipment from the 19th century on display. Wagons, plows, harrows, fanning mills, hay wagons, mowers, a real manure spreader and even smaller tools are on display. 

All the farm equipment has been cleaned and treated and arranged for easy access. Some of the prevalent farming artifacts in the Barn have to do with corn cultivation, one of Ohio’s largest crops.

A farmer had to prepare the soil using a plow or a harrow, plant the seeds using a planter, cultivate the crop with a cultivator, and harvest using the wagon, seed corn dryers, and corn crib. The corn ears must also be shelled using the corn sheller.

Corn by-products like the stalks (chopped with a fodder chopper), cobs, and husks might also be used by farmers for animal bedding.