Hayner House

The Hayner House was once located in Warren County, Ohio, along the Little Miami River near South Lebanon. In 1862, John Hayner purchased the property the house sat upon along with several other local farms. Hayner made his living by raising and drying corn, later by canning it. In a partnership with several others, the business flourished. When there was no longer a demand for dried corn he converted his drying barn to a cannery.

The Hayner House is an example of Greek Revival Architecture. It features fluted columns with Ionic capitals, bilateral wings, and seven fireplaces on the first floor and two in the basement. The house was originally built in about 1852. It eventually began to deteriorate, was dismantled and put into storage, and in 1967 rebuilt at Heritage Village.

Today the Hayner House is used by Historic Southwest Ohio, Inc., as office space and collection storage. One wing of the first floor is a gift shop and Victorian parlor in which the museum often hosts exhibits.