Kemper Log House

This log house was built in 1804 on Walnut Hill and was home to Rev. James Kemper, his wife, and most of his 15 children. Rev. Kemper was the first Presbyterian minister ordained north of the Ohio River. He founded many Presbyterian churches.

This building is considered a house rather than a cabin because of the plastered walls, staircase and wood trim. The family gathered in the large sitting room after the work was done, to read, sew, socialize or pray. Prayer, Bible reading, and hymn singing were daily rituals for the family.

Members of the Kemper family continued to live in the log house until its relocation to the Cincinnati Zoo in 1912. In 1936 the house was included in the Historic American Buildings Survey and by 1975 was entered into the National Register of Historic Places. (The National Register designation has been removed from the Kemper Log House since its move to Heritage Village Museum.)