Somerset Church

From 1829-1991 the Somerset Church building stood on the Warren County side of Fields-Ertel and Montgomery Roads – where the Meijer’s gas station is now located. When commercial development in that area began, the Somerset congregation sold its land and merged with the Mason Presbyterian Church to form the Heritage Presbyterian Church at Mason-Montgomery and Tylersville Roads in Mason.

The roots of the Somerset Presbyterian Church go back to 1801 when the Rev. James Kemper, the first installed Presbyterian minister to serve north of the Ohio River, helped to organize the present Montgomery Presbyterian Church.

Somerset Church, though small, was an important part of the community and in the lives of its members. There were Sunday worship services, Sunday school, and mid-week prayer meetings. The attendance at Sunday school was large when compared with the size of the membership.

The Somerset Church has now been restored to look as it did when first built 1n 1829. As a part of Heritage Village Museum, the Somerset Church represents the role religion had in the 19th Century.

The Somerset Church is open to visitors whenever the Village is open to the public. The Church will be open for weddings and other special events as appropriate.